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Teddi passed away on February 6, 2006 just 2饡rs after we fell in love with her.  Our hearts are broken although we know it was her time to cross the Bridge to wait for us to be reunited with her one day.  We believe she was approximately 12 years, 5 months old...although she could have been much older than we first believed.

The story of her short life with us will be told on this page, when I have strength once again to review how she came to be in our care.  She is missed terribly...even after such a short stay with us; we are heartbroken and lost without her.

God's gift is that you can love many
when your pet has time for only one
you can give love and happiness to the strays...
who without you would have none.

So lay your friends to rest, lift up your hearts
dry your tears, for it is told
death is but a passage into the hands of God,
through the gates of gold

Somewhere others need you
in shelters, or wandering the streets
they want nothing more from life
than to lay down at your feet

It is time to give another life
the love only you can give
we are the caretakers of God creatures
for not to love... is not to live

Author Unknown

Teddi's birthday is celebrated as August 18, 1993

She came to be loved by us on her first day in her forever home on August 18, 2003.


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