It’s only been days since you left us here;

we are so sad though we know you are near.

Stopping at doorways and walking the hall,

we envision you with us before you were called.

Sifting through pictures from many years,

we remember the joy, the laughter and tears.

You, waiting at bus stops, watching the street,

looking for someone whose life you complete.

You bound though the door excitement anew,

that your boy has come home to play with you.


Alongside a bicycle, down the street you would run,

barking and wagging; having such fun.

You followed your boy through the woods to and fro,

staying by his side wherever he’d go.

A constant companion, a protector too,

that boy thrives today because of you.

Coming to aid him in his time of despair,

the boy always knew you loved and you cared.

If asked for your life to help your small friend,

you’d given it gladly for on you he’d depend.


The boy is grown up now, moved on his own;

leaving you here where you knew you were home.

Work left less time to be home, near to you;

he trusted we’d keep you and he knew that you knew

That he loved you and missed you and wanted the best,

for his faithful companion who’d shared in his quests.

The boy came to visit as much as he could,

 brightening your days as he knew he should

To thank his companion so gentle and sweet,

knowing your love made a small boy complete.


The day came too quickly, although you were old;

that we held you so tight as to us you were gold.

We knew you showed strength when days there  was none;

you wanted your boy to have thought you still young.

Pretending your strength to protect to the end,

the boy understood his tired best friend.

It was time now to go; another journey begun,

your job with your boy had been very well done.


Wishing you’d stay far past your old years,

leaving us here brought such sadness and tears.

It is clear to us left how much your life meant

and how you touched others for the time here you spent

With those that you nurtured through grief and pain;

your sweet gift of love will always remain

True love has been known by all that you gave,

and for your presence a  boy’s essence was saved.

We’ve known love and commitment, eternal and true

and by sharing so freely we learned what you knew

That love is forever and commitment must be,

to give all you have and let others be free.

Doing for others what feels just right,

with praise and repayment excluded from sight.

Simply to love gives much in return,

enough that you stayed to teach us to learn.

Thank you sweet pup for the life that you gave

to your boy and to all you touched in some way.

As time passes by, we’ll see you again,

we’ll find that you’re running and playing with old friends.

God sent an angel to help us all through

and the angel, dear friend, was most definitely you.

Emptiness swells in our hearts with you gone,

you won't be forgotten as you journey back Home.


~*~* Kim Milstead Ingram*~*~

~*~*In memory of Radar, our beloved girl*~*~

~Her boy's best friend~

~*~*05/03/1989 to 03/01/2004*~*~





Artwork by Mary Baxter St. Claire, Artist©

Layout by Moon and Graphics

©May 24, 2004

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