Pixel Divas Purchases


The graphics displayed here have been "purchased" or presented as "gifts" from wonderful artists at Pixel Divas.  They are not to be downloaded or saved and are not public domain. Each graphic is linked to the appropriate artist's site.  Please pay them a visit and tell them Kim/Moondazed sent you!  If you do, you will receive $2000 diva dollars just for being referred!  Then you can start your purchases almost right away!!



From Antoinette From Antoinette
From Antoinette From Birgit
From Birgit From Birgit
















Some backgrounds and graphics displayed on this page were purchased from Bear Essentials Graphics

Unless otherwise identified or linked, all other decorative graphics have been made by and are ©Chrissyscottage.com

Please do not download any graphics from these pages without expressed permission from/by Chrissyscottage.com