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My name is Lucy and I am a very tiny deer head type Chihuahua.  Boy do I have a story to tell! 


My sister, Pepperanne, and I came from the same place only Pepperanne ended up alot less scared than me.  My mom was working with Wee Rescue at that time,  and walked into the house where all the new dogs were sent to be evaluated and treated by the vet before going to foster homes.  She knew the group was helping in a situation where 90 dogs had been living in terrible conditions at a woman's home in San Antonio.  She was about to have all the animals taken from her but lucky for me, she voluntarily let us go into various rescue groups so we could find good homes.  We were there only for breeding and some of my friends were bred so often and until they were so old, some did not live very long after we were released. 


Mom's group took out 20 of us.  We came in all shapes: Yorkies, Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, and Maltese.  We had been kept in cages with many other dogs all the years we were there.  Some of us were never touched or held.  I was already three years old when I left there and thank goodness too as that was considered young for most of us that were caged there.  Well, my friend, Ricky and me, (he is a Chihuahua like me) ended up with Wee Rescue.  We were the only two Chihuahuas to land there! And the thing was that we were sooooooooooooooooooo scared of people that we wouldn't let them touch us or pick us up.  In fact, in order for anyone to move us from one place to the other, they had to throw a big blanket over us and "catch" us that way.


We were put in a nice pen inside a lady's house.  Her name is Joanne.  Wee Rescue's friend, Peggy, brought us to her.  Then my mom walked in...we were so curious, we would run over to the edge of the pen to see her or whoever else was around....that is, until she got close to the pen.  Sometimes, we would even stand on our little hind legs to take a peek at what was going on around us....but if anyone came close we ran like crazy to get back to our little bed to hide (we had never had a bed before)! 


Well, my mom came unglued.  She said that she had never really planned to live with a Chihuahua before, but when she saw us, she thought we were too cute for words.  She likes those kind of dogs that "normal" people would not take a chance on...I mean since we weren't touchable or anything!  ...And she especially loved me cuz I was the oldest and Ricky was still really a puppy.

She thought about it overnight and the next day she came back to take me to my new home and to meet my sisters there.  So she went about trying to catch me...I sure made it hard on them!  But she thought it was sad and funny at the same time and so did her friend Joanne...


At the same time, my mom fell in love with Pepperanne, who had come to Joanne's house the same way as me.  She took us home together.  She spent the entire summer that year, catching me with a blanket or towel and holding me to her chest as she worked on the computer or did other things around the house.  She was trying to teach me that humans were good and that touching and petting felt nice.  I finally have learned and now I love it when she picks me up and rubs my belly.


I went to the vet and I weighed only 3 lbs.  but I was not particularly malnourished; just very small.  My teeth, though, were in very bad condition from having spent many hours I spent chewing on my cage.  I have had to have several dentals and have lost several teeth, but that is okay since mom softens my food for me so I can eat all that I want.  I am a little fat Chihuahua now weighing a little over 4 pounds!  Well fat for me anyway....but she doesn't care since I used to take my food and hide it to eat later like I learned to do when I lived in the cage with all those other Chihuahua's.  Now I am learning that there is enough food to eat when I need it so I am beginning to stop my hoarding!  It has taken me awhile since I have lived here now for over 3 years.


Do you know what happened to my little friend Ricky?  He was adopted that very same week by the most loving people...they named him Conaan, the warrior so he would overcome his fears.  The last I have heard he is doing so well and he is happy like me!





 Precious little Lucy passed away on July 26, 2007 from Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA) after a short and difficult battle.  Those who love her are filled with grief.



Lucy's birthday is March 29, 1999


Lucy was 8 years, 4 months old

She came to be loved by us on her first day in her forever home during the summer, of 2002.


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